17 Aug, 2018

@dumdum: Wow you bash in the military for doing sothing innocent and fun then comnt against yourself and then tell soone else to chill out for ing you on your first post? Imbalanced much? Who says you can't have fun in the military?! I can't wait to join the marines Omg! Is that entire platoon gay???? LOLOLOL I loved it!!. Vid – aren’t we a little late with this? What’s next a shit. That's was aweso Thanks for. Hilarious ! Could not stop laughing!

Aweso I’m thinking a few of those boys are family! at 12:05pm Comnts are closed. Wow a lot of sexy military n I loved this Allen Andrew ManoftheYear I t u n. That galifianakis dude is great straight letting their hair down priceless. They are not soldiers they're Marines Soldiers would not. Hoorah! This was the best! My brother was in the military and I worried about him all the ti Thank you for you for protecting and serving and now for making us smile! You. Vma 211 Go Avengers Groovy! Getting straight to dance and feel really cool about is always a. @noktozo: You an the one with the sarong and the swinging gyrating hips? Hard to. Seeing more and more things like this makes realize that DADT is going to be the bigger ga changer than the marriage equality push these are just being who they are and realize that freedom for one makes freedom for all especially being in Afghanistan. Well it certainly boosted my morale i loved it glad to see the having so sorta fun in the midst of so much turmoil :-) If any of you had a clue it would be scary… This is a shot for shot copy of the the Miami Dolphin cheerleaders did – hence the acknowledgent at the end Before you bitch or bash or tear down – first know what the f*ck you are talking about………. @dumdum: This is gayer than gay I love it The Navy was never that much fun Looks like ending DADT has liberated the straights as well as the gays Straight gay who cares as long as you have my back (Pun intended.) Lmao too funny great !!! at 10:05pm Craig Marker Old but a. I don’t get it Presumably hetero acting queeny lip-syncing and dancing around to a song My first reaction is it looks like they’re making fun of effeminate I’m sure the actual Miami Dolphins cheerleaders would really appreciate this How can. What is the rotating circle on the screen an?

Just when we thought the lipdubs to Carly Rae Jepsen's monster ear worm " " were tapering off we get this air strike from the U.S military USO employees Eric Raum and Randy Moresi thought getting the soldiers and Marine deployed to Kandahar Airfield to do an elaborate lip dub to the song of the sumr might boost morale Soon "A group of airn were break-dancing in the hangar Stern looking soldiers in workout tees and shorts were singing while offloading sandbags And at least one service mber was caught doing "the worm" -- the 1980s dance move where you wriggle backwards with stomach on floor." It wasn't just about having fun - forces deployed in Afghanistan have received so bad press over the last few months despite the work they do every day risking their lives for very little pay This was a chance to show them as fun and human Read more at //2012/07/us-military-does-carly-rae-jepsens--- It’s a rather cute Nice to see the boys in good spirits I especially liked the creativity involved in using the mop heads Hilarious!! Aweso!!!! <3 Thank you for all. Great This lip dub literally has sothing for everyone unless you find neither n nor won attractive Then we can't help you Morrissey U.S troops stationed in Afghanistan did a shot-for-shot recreation of the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders' " " lip dub which went viral because hey look cheerleaders in bikinis and they're doin stuff! But n -- even n with an important job to do -- can strip down gyrate and lip sync as well as won so our boys in uniform decided to make Carly Rae Jepson's hit their own And to that we say USA! USA! USA! @derekr: Holy crap dude! Chill the f*ck out. @dumdum: You are an idiot Dumdum That was the cutest funniest ever They are having fun and considering their circumstance that was totally amazing The guy with dark hair and a little mustache. Love it that war is horrible and i want them all to co ho so glad they can have fun and really get into it and wow so of them are cuuuuuute ! That's how the Air Wing gets down don't hate! This is probably not of military Facial hair is not permitted for active duty and I doubt that you could grow much beard during your “off duty” ti The creator did not claim they were military but that the was “in honor of” The production values are also very high – suspiciously so – to be “amateur” That being said I liked the Arabic-looking guy with the ass close-up He had the best body and sweetest… Omg! Love the guy in the guardshack so much I had to comnt about. @sean305: The with facial hair are probably contractors who help to keep a lot of the equipnt and logistics operating or provide security for contractors or possibly CIA/intelligence types I’m not suspicious of the production values — a decent cam is now a few hundred bucks (which is nothing if you’re making contractor bucks) natural lighting is good there and if you have ti on your hands and nowhere. So I just watched this twice totally srized! These straight n acting kinda gay but really just enjoying their bodies and the movent and the music and the playfulness of the situation–wow! What a turn on! And that final scene where all the are looking down at the viewer gave the fantasy of being there right there at their crotch level This is one of the sexiest s I’ve. Hey give the so credit if there gay or not I think they did a. I don’t care how hot the are the song. Lol Seems like they had fun regardless So of those straight boys can. Love it. Llove love love halls /want more. Everyday Joes are the hottest stuff around They’re much finer than overly puffed badly proportioned celebrities And it’s great that they can act like divas without being ashad I think gay culture has made this possible Probably the queens in the military are camping it up more openly and the straight are following suit. Absolutely LOVE this ! It made laugh out loud. @startenout: I was joking the whole thing was intentional gawd you people take things way too seriously Criticize much?????? The light skinned black guy is obviously the. @mikee: Yea right I am also a heterosexual male I just like to have sex with n That is THE GAYEST EVER!!! They are straight and I am Donald effing Trump I am also the president of the united states and the queen of England I suppose that in an alternate reality there are a group of straight military n who enjoy acting Gay. I think it is wonderful that soldiers can have so fun and down ti they deserve to have fun Do not forget they are all in harms way So think about that before you slam our soldiers Enjoyed the. Good job I stand corrected they had one soldier Sad day. Go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love seeing them unwind.